Amazing nesting habits of birds.

Birds usually build nests for laying eggs and for raising their young ones. Some members of Class Aves have amazing nesting habits and are well known for their unique designs of nests.

Some of these amazing birds are their nesting habits are as following:

1. Tailor bird

Tailor bird is found in Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines). 

It got its name from the way it builds its nest. It makes holes in leaves with its bill and then stitches them using plant fibre, stolen thread, insect silk etc.

The perfect design of its nest does not let water to seep inside.

 2. Great hornbill:

 It is one of the large and colourful members of hornbill family.

 These birds are found in the southern states of India, and Southeast Asian countries.  The special feature of the nest is that both the male and the female make a nest by making a hole in the tree, then after laying the eggs, the female seals the nest from the inside with her droppings.

They keep a little slit in a tree for food and air.  The duty of delivering the food is performed by the male and after hatching, the female breaks off the seal after a few days and comes out and reseals it until her young ones are fully grown up.

3. Edible-nest Swiftlet

It is also a bird of Southeast Asian countries. Swiftlet builds a nest that is edible for humans and also famous for its rare delicacy.  That’s why this bird is known as the Edible-nest swiftlet. The nest is made out of threads of its saliva which solidifies on its exposure to air and is eaten in Southeast Asia and China.  It is believed to have medicinal value for the health of kidneys and the reproductive system and also helps to reduce inflammation.  The price of this nest is up to 6000 dollars per kg. 

4.  Ruby-Throated Hummingbird:

The Ruby Throated Humming Bird’s nest is about the size of a human’s thumb.  The bird itself is only as big as an index finger.  The female builds the nest while the male takes no responsibility, the female builds a circular bed-like nest using cobwebs, plant threads, and the flowers of Dandelions plant so that the eggs and young are in a soft place.  The moss and very small leaves growing on the trees and rocks are attached to the front and back of this web-like nest. 

 These birds are found in Mexico, USA and Canada.

5.Bower bird

Bowerbird is known for its amazing hut-like nest design. It builds a nest and decorates it with brightly coloured objects, and then scatters little “gifts” in front of it to attract a mate.

The female mates with the male thats builts the most beautiful nest.  If no match is made, the male breaks the nest down and rebuilds the nest.

6. Horned coot

Horned coot builds a remarkable nest mound. This bird is found in the high-altitude lakes of the western countries of South America, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. The special thing about this bird is that it makes a high mound by throwing pebbles into the water about fifty yards away from the edge of the lake, and when the mound comes out of the water, it puts algae on it and gives it the shape of an island.  This nest is very heavy and can weigh up to 1.5 tons. 

7. Bald eagles

Bald eagles are known for their nest size. They form the largest nests in the entire world. They construct nests with large sticks and line them with green branches, mosses and seaweeds etc.

 Bald Eagles are found in America. The largest nest built by any bird to date was that of the bald eagle, which measured nine feet long, twenty feet wide, and weighed over a ton.  This nest was found in the US state of Florida and its name was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

8. Social weaver bird

Social weaver birds are found in the southern countries of Africa. Social weavers construct huge nests on trees that look like a pile of hay stuck on trees and poles. These nests are so large that often other birds start living in them.  Leopards often hide in these nests and wait for their prey.

9.  Little Grebe

Little Grebe is found in Kalkarhar and many freshwater lakes in Pakistan.  These are also found in many Asian countries, Africa and Europe. The little grebe builds a floating nest that is attached to submerged vegetation. The nest freely floats on the surface of the water, when needed; the bird attaches it to low-hanging branches that are dipped into the water.  When a bird leaves the nest it usually covers the eggs with weeds

From a distance, it looks like a pile of mud and grass floating in the water.

10. White tern

White tern bird is found on many oceanic islands, in South America, and in many coastal areas of Asia and New Zealand. They do not build nests and lay eggs on bare surfaces like on roofs, branches of trees or rocks.

11. Rufous Hornero

 It is found in South America in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  The build their nest with the help of soil and nest looks like a clay pot. This nest possess thermal characteristics and internal temperature of nest is well maintained.

12. Mallee fowl bird

This bird builds a nest in an amazing way; it first digs a hole up to three feet.  Then he puts dry twigs, straw and dry leaves in it, after that he makes a mound by spreading sand up to 10 feet on the sides.  Usually the eggs need a temperature of 32- 33 degrees for hatching.  For this cause, the male keeps adding more or less sand to the eggs, so incubation temperature is provided by male.  The female does not sit on the eggs.  Hatchlings use their strong feet to break out of the egg and then scratch their way to the surface.

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