donkey: a stubborn animal.

two brown donkeys

Why the donkey is known as e a stubborn animal?

Donkey facts

Donkeys are hoofed mammals, domesticated for different purposes for the last five thousand years. According to an estimate, there are 40 million donkeys in the world, which are used to carry goods in most developing countries.

Some Amazing facts about donkeys:

  • A male donkey is called Jack, a female is called Jenny and a baby is called a foal.
  • A hybrid born after mating a male donkey with a mare is called a Mule; while a hybrid born after mating a horse with a jenny (female donkey) is called a Hinney.
  • Donkeys have long ears that help them hear sounds from a distance and keep their bodies cool.
  • The gestation period in females is 12 months and a female gives a bird to a single baby while twins’ pregnancy is rare in donkeys.

Why donkeys are stubborn?

Donkeys are known to be stubborn because of their special behaviour called self-preservation.  When a donkey senses danger, it freezes in place and assesses the surroundings. It won’t move a single step until it feels safe. So this behaviour sometimes makes him stubborn.

Donkeys are gentle and are not often aggressive towards humans but they can bite under certain conditions i.e. if they feel threatened. Besides this, they can kick you with their hind legs.  So don’t make them angry.


They are found all over the world but the largest number of donkeys is found in China, followed by Pakistan, while Ethiopia and Mexico are third and fourth in rank respectively regarding to the donkey’s population.

Why donkeys are important?

  • Donkey meat is used in many places of the world, while the largest consumer of donkey’s meat is Italy.
  • Donkey milk is used in cosmetics products, soap and also used as food in many parts of the world. In Italy, it costs 15 euros per litre.
  • In China, a special type of gelatin called ejiao is extracted from donkey’s skin after boiling it.  It is believed that it can prevent bleeding, and can also be used for dizziness and dry cough.
  • They are also used for carrying goods from one place to another.
  • Parchment (a strong and stable writing material) is also made from its skin.

Conservation status:

The Donkey Sanctuary, a UK organization, works for the conservation of donkeys and the protection of their rights. According to this organization, 1.8 million donkeys are killed every year for their skins.  Parchment (a strong and stable writing material) is also made from its skin.

Life span of a donkey:

Generally, the average life span of a donkey in backward areas is 15 years while normally it may be 30 to 50 years.

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