EGGS: all you want to know about eggs

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1. Place some eggs together on one side and some balls on another side. You will notice that there is more space between the balls which means more air can pass which means the temperature will drop quickly.  Now, on the other hand, if you keep the eggs together, the space is reduced to a minimum, which means less air will pass and their temperature will be maintained in a certain way.  Birds in nests take advantage of this, placing the eggs together in a certain order so that the temperature warms all the eggs at a certain rate and the young ones will hatch at the same time.

2. Secondly, the internal body of females is made in such a way that they have to press the muscles regularly to laying an egg, so an asymmetrical shape of the egg is necessary to bear this pressure.

3. If you roll an egg upright on the ground and a ball, the ball will come straight out while the eggs will spin in a tight circle

So the one reason that eggs have an asymmetric tapered oval shape is that if you nudge them, they’ll come back to you. Nature has given it such a shape that if the bird accidentally steps on it, instead of rolling and falling out of the nest, the egg will roll back into the nest.  Birds that nest on high cliffs and dunes have more elongated oval-shaped eggs. The bottom-heavy shape of eggs prevents them from tumbling off cliffs.

Some important facts about eggs:

✓The eggs of the birds living in the warmer regions are lighter in colour while the eggs of the birds in the extreme cold regions are darker in colour which protects them in winter. 

The shell of the ostrich egg is very thick and the reason is to support the weight of the bird sitting on it.

✓Birds incubate their eggs by sitting on them. The thick shell of the egg prevents egg from breakage.  On the other hand, the eggs of the snake’s s shell are soft.  Because these eggs absorb the heat of incubation from their surroundings.


✓ Eating a raw egg provides less protein, which is about 51% digestible, while a boiled or fried egg provides up to 91% protein.  Therefore, bodybuilders should reconsider their diet.

✓ Eggshell is also rich in calcium and if you accidentally eat them, there is nothing to be worried about.

✓ When tilled into the soil, the eggshell can act as a natural fertilizer. So, egg shells are an excellent source of adding minerals to the soil.

✓Eggs of different colours of the same hen do not have any significant effect on its nutrition.  White eggs are common worldwide because they come from smaller hens that use less grain than other hens.  About 1.4 trillion eggs are produced in the world every year, meaning that each person eats an average of 173 eggs, and China consumes about forty per cent of the world’s eggs.

✓Hen’s eggs are most commonly consumed due to their high content of nutrients, low cost, and they are easy available. Secondly, chickens are pretty easy to lookafter and they lay more eggs.  It takes an average of 24 to 36 hours for a hen to lay one egg and the process of laying another egg starts thirty minutes after that.

Most people do not like duck eggs due to their unfamiliar taste because ducks produce a different type of lipid in their eggs, changing the texture and flavour

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