British Council and Assam Government launch ‘Festivals for the Future’ course

British Council and Assam Government have joined hands to launch a new course titled ‘Festivals for the Future’. The new course which is being offered by British Council in association with Department of Cultural Affairs of the Assam government, seeks to promote and enhance skills of professionals who are working the fields of festival management across the country. The Festivals of Future Course will be a three day programme which will help workers associated with festivals in the country develop the necessary skills and talents.

Assam State Government Cultural Secretary Madhurima Barua Sen launched the Festivals of Future Course on 10th September 2019 – Tuesday. In her inaugural address, Sen said that this new and innovative programme is tailored by British Council to make festival sector more professional in the country. With festival and celebrations being an integral part of the Assamese culture, the new programme will help professionals help people celebrate them better and spread the good word about it among the Tourists.

At the inaugural function, British Council Director (east and northeast) Debanjan Chakrabarti said that the programme the new initiative is part of British Council’s Arts Programme. The Future of Festivals Course will help on ‘supporting long term development and economic empowerment of India’s emerging Festival sector. The course will bring together festival sector professionals from across the globe who will help local Assamese professionals learn from them.

A total of 24 participants had registered for the Festivals of Future course this year. The course will help professional to network better among themselves and explore new vision to celebrate traditional festivals of India. He also said that the course will provide the right platform to the participants to share expertise and knowledge to resolve problems that they face as part of the growing festival sector in India.